What Pool Sizes Are Best for Me?

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Find the Best Pool Size With Fair & Square Pool Builds Today!

Find the Best Pool Size With Fair & Square Pool Builds Today!



You’ve always dreamed of having a pool, and now you’re excited that it’s about to come true. Of course you know that it’s a lot of work, starting with the decision on your pool’s size. There are plenty of options and designs to choose from, but that also makes it challenging to decide. Building a pool is a big decision and you want to make sure that you get it right.

If you are unfamiliar or undecided on a type and size of pool, don’t worry. At Fair & Square Pools, we are here to help. As the leading local pool builder in Chandler, Arizona we’ve been building pools for years, so you can trust us for a unique custom design and the knowledge that we’ll build the best pool for you.

Read on to find the different pool sizes and styles, their differences, and how to choose the right one for you.

Types of Pools According to Size

Before you start building a pool for your home in Gilbert, Arizona, here are different types of pools to consider:

Play Pool

If you want a smaller pool for your Mesa home, a play pool may suit your taste. It is standard in size because it’s great for soaking and having a cocktail or having family cool down on a hot day. Play pools are around 15 feet by 25 feet with a depth of 3 to 5 feet. They’re known as plunge style pools because you generally dip into them to cool off.

Of course, you don’t need a cocktail to enjoy it. They are great cooling down in the summer, especially if you don’t have the space for a larger-sized pool. You can have it built with features like a Baja shelf, benches, jets, and/or a heater. Water features and jump pads are always cool too! Plus, with the right design, they will add a beautiful touch to your yard. We have limitless design options, so we are sure you can find one that suits you.


Standard Pool

Many Queen Creek and San Tan Valley houses have standard sized pools. The size we mentioned was the standard dimensions, but we can also customize a freeform design. It’s the pool size seen in most homes, typically around 15 feet by 30 feet. If you want a pool for playing, swimming, and doing aquatic sports at home, this is the ideal size.

It is a typical design for standard pools to have varying depths. For instance, both ends can be shallow at 3 feet while the middle part is 5 to 6 feet deep. Whichever dimension you prefer, we can customize them.

Standard pools are the most popular pool size as it’s big enough for most backyards. With this size, you can already do plenty of activities. We can add some decking to provide you and your guests with more space for entertaining and relaxation. However, keep in mind that a standard pool will be more expensive than a play pool.

If you have the budget and the space, it may be the right option for you. A standard swimming pool is great if you want a pool to relax and play, especially if you and your family enjoy swimming games or pool volleyball.

Diving Pool

The overall dimensions of a diving pool are larger than a standard pool and can reach and exceed 35 feet in length. The next pool size after the standard pool is the diving pool with a deep end of about 7 feet to 9 feet. Diving pools can also have added features of a waterslides, diving boards, or a jump pads.

While most homes don’t have diving pools, it may be the right option for you if you enjoy diving. Diving can’t be done in most standard pools, since there is a risk that you may hit the bottom of the pool and injure yourself. At the same time, the shallow end of the diving pool allows it to be great for younger children much like a standard pool.

Lap Pool

The biggest pool you can have for your Queen Creek home is the lap pool. As its name suggests, a lap pool allows you to swim laps. It’s the longest pool out of the different pool types we mentioned here. It measures an average of 35 feet to 40 feet long. However, it usually has a narrower width of 10 feet to 13 feet.

Of course, the dimensions of a lap pool are also customizable. Thus, if you want a bigger lap pool, we can do that. A lap pool may be the right option for you if you are a competitive swimmer or enjoy swimming to work out. You may also enjoy a lap pool if the space in your yard is narrow.

How to Know Which Pool Size Is Right for You?

The pool types we mentioned in this article are the most common pool sizes. However, the design options for pools are limitless. It is endless that you can very well have one made that isn’t any of those mentioned. We can build a pool of any size and design for you, as long as your backyard and budget can accommodate it.

The only thing you need to work on is thinking about the pool style you want. Once you know the pool style you want, we can work on the design elements like the materials, shape, and features to add. Go ahead and measure your yard to see which type of pool will work best and if it doesn’t fall on any of the standard dimensions, that’s ok because that’s what we are here for.

Our advice is to contact our staff to schedule a consultation. We can discuss your needs and develop a solution to satisfy your pool wishes. We’ve worked with many clients in Arizona before and done many customizations. We are confident that we can bring your dream pool to life.

Find the Best Pool Size With Fair & Square Pool Builds Today!

Have you thought about the kind of pool you want? Whether you already have a pool size or not, Fair & Square Pool Builds is a swimming pool builder in AZ can help build your dream pool. We have the materials, the experience, and the knowledge to make it happen. Contact us today to know how we can help you have the perfect entertainment and relaxation space at home.

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