Step-By-Step Process to Building a Pool in AZ

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Step-By-Step Process to Building a Pool in AZ

Arizona is well-known for having some of the hottest summers in the U.S. With the summer temperatures in AZ going no lower than 90 degrees Fahrenheit and reaching scorching hot levels of up to 115 degrees, finding a way to stay cool is crucial.

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to take a dive into the water and cool off in your own pool. If you don’t have one yet, Fair & Square Pools Arizona pool builders can take care of it for you.

Below is a general timeline and process you can expect from our team when building a pool in AZ.

Step 1: Layout and Design

Our designers and engineers use 3D imaging to create a rendering of what your pool will look like for easy visualization. We will work closely with you to ensure we can successfully turn your vision into reality.

This step generally takes up to a week, depending on the number of design revisions. The agreed upon design will be a large determining factor of the price or total cost of the pool construction.

After you sign off on the layout and design, our architects will spray paint the design on your lawn to serve as a guide for our next step.

Step 2: Excavation Work

With the design finalized and the paint marking out the excavation area, we can start to dig out the shape of your new pool. This part of the process will involve heavy machinery and specialized equipment to help shorten the overall work time.

During this time, we advise our clients to stay onsite and help supervise the excavation team. The entire process can take up to two days, in addition to a week for arranging all the necessary construction permits.

Step 3: Steel Structure

After excavating the area, our steel fixers will start to install the steel structure. This forms the skeleton or frame of your entire pool. It also reinforces the shape of the pool, including any steps or benches included in the design.

The criss-cross steel cage will also give the concrete something to hold onto once we start cementing the area. The steel installation can take another two days before completion.

Step 4: Plumbing and Electrical

With the steel frame in place, our crew can start to lay out all the necessary plumbing and electrical lines. Including the wrangling of all required permits, this stage can take around a week.

For the plumbing, this will include the installation of drains, skimmers, water pumps, filters, and more. The electrical lines will ensure all the additional systems and water features, such as heating, therapy jets, or man-made waterfalls, have enough power to run properly.

Step 5: Spraying Concrete

Once all the plumbing and electrical work is finished, we can get to the shotcrete work. This step starts with pressure-spraying concrete mix to the interior of your pool. After that, our builders will sculpt the concrete according to your custom design.

Spraying the concrete can take three days overall. However, the drying and setting time for the concrete may take a week or more, depending on the pool design.

Step 6: Surrounding Tiles and Decking

We can begin work on the pool’s tiles and decking once its shape is all carved out. Our tile setters will only work on surrounding areas following your pool design, as the pool interiors will come after this step.

Meanwhile, our builders will start on the pool deck in this stage of the construction process. The surrounding area of your pool will first be compacted to minimize shifting before we can build the deck.

Depending on your design preferences and the total area of your pool, this step can take up to a full week or even more to finish.

Step 7: Pool Flooring and Finish

In this step, our team will finalize the design of your pool interior. This step includes kneading the pool surface, installing tiles, and applying the necessary coating or finishing. You can opt not to tile the entire pool floor and instead limit the tiles as decorative touches on the steps or along the pool waterline.

The size of your pool may affect the total time needed for this step, but in most cases, we can finish the work in around three days. The pool will be flooded with water as soon as the plastering process is done to prepare for the next step.

Step 8: Pool Start-up and Inspection

The pool start-up phase not only includes necessary inspections but also the installation of any finishing touches, such as eyeball fittings. The inspection of the pool will include checking the following:

  • Circulating pump
  • Water jets
  • Filters
  • Tile deck
  • Water balance
  • Chlorine levels

Inspection will generally only last for one day. However, completely chlorinating the pool and achieving a blue color can take a couple of days extra.

Step 9: Final Deck Coating

Once the technician has cleared the pool, we will finalize the deck around it. Painting the deck will have started earlier while we work on the surrounding tiles or the pool flooring. As such, this stage will only be for the final coat of painting and the finishing or sealant.

The painting can take approximately 12 hours, though the drying period will extend the total time up to a day and a half.

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Step 10: Landscaping Work

With the pool, surrounding tiles, and deck done, our team will fix and finish the surrounding landscape as well. For simple landscapes, this step can take seven days or even less. For more intricate garden landscapes, the total time can extend beyond a week.

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We provide complete pool building services all over Arizona. Our team of highly trained pool contractors have constructed numerous custom pools for Mesa homeowners. We also offer our pool builders AZ services to residents of Gilbert and Chandler, and take on custom pool building contracts all the way in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. It doesn’t matter where you are — Fair & Square Pool Builders can make your dream pool happen.

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