Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AZ Swimming Pool Builder

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AZ Swimming Pool Builder

AZ Swimming Pool Builder

Getting a pool built on your property should ideally be a stress-free process. The secret lies with finding the right contractor who has the qualities you want. Knowing more about them can help you narrow your options in Arizona until you find the right one.

There are seven questions you need to answer to achieve this. Answering them can help you understand the swimming pool builder more and if they’re the right company for the job. The goal is to provide you with insights into the type of people you’re working with and their qualifications. Go through these questions one at a time for each contractor you’re considering:

1. Is It Easy to Know More About the Contractor?

The contractor should be easy to find online since everything has gone digital. They should have a website at the minimum, but it’s beneficial to know more. Check if they have social media accounts or a YouTube channel. Some essential pieces of information you’ll need to find are:

  • Experience
  • Pricing
  • Partners
  • Portfolio

2. What Makes Them Stand Out?

Each contractor will have something unique to offer that they believe is their selling point. Your initial research may uncover these features, especially once you compare them. They may offer lower prices than the average or have customizations you won’t see with the others. It all depends on what you want out of the pool, as each person is different.

3. How Do They Engage Their Customers?

The way they talk to customers says a lot about how they work. During your first conversation with them, observe their attitude and how they answer questions. Most of the time, how they deal with you during the first conversation will be how they treat the entire project. You don’t want to get stuck with an unreliable contractor or one that disappears when you need them.

Professionalism is the priority here. Pool building requires an understanding of numerous fields in construction. The right pool builder will know how to explain what they’ll do and may even make suggestions to help you.

4. How Do Customers See Them?

Another perspective you can consider is how they’ve treated their past customers. Online reviews are essential because they let you know their experience. If you see many negative comments, then that’s a sign that you may not want to work with them.

On the other end, you might see a positive customer experience that would help finalize your decision. There are several reliable sources to get this information. You can go to social media or find their reviews on Google. There may also be forum posts or aggregate websites that rate their services.

Local reviews will be the most reliable. You can check any posts from your area. For example, you may search in Chandler, Queen Creek, or San Tan Valley.

5. What Certifications Do These Swimming Pool Builders Have?

Certifications prove that these builders know what they’re doing, and they adhere to the minimum standard set by your area. It is a document that says they are competent enough to build a working swimming pool. The license is necessary as it also becomes a way to protect yourself from those who don’t know what they’re doing. Here are some of the certifications you need to check:

  • Insurance: An insurance policy covers any damage while working on your pool.
  • Work permits: They must have state or city permission showing that they can engage in business. You should also check their qualifications to work as a swimming pool builder. It does not matter if they’re from Gilbert or Mesa.
  • Warranty: Warranty protects you from unexpected damage in the future. Some may offer structural or surface warranty at a set time.

Knowing about these certifications requires a few questions. A good contractor expects that customers ask about them and have them prepared for you.

6. What Products Do They Use?

When constructing a pool, they’ll need materials and other items, depending on what you want. Verifying items like heaters and tiles will show you if they provide quality costs or cut you short. It’s also crucial to know them as you want to learn if the manufacturers they use can be reliable when a problem occurs.

7. How Do They Approach a Project?

The builder should give you an idea of how they work during a consultation. Understanding how they go through work and installation will give you insight if they’re fit for your project. Other than that, you should check for any of the following details:

  • Timetable: An experienced swimming pool builder can create a schedule that factors in delays.
  • Partners: Some contractors may have partners that cover some of their work. Check the quality of the subcontractors as well.
  • Contract: The fine print will contain details on how they approach their work. It should have complete information about the project’s design and what’s involved.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Our Pool Builders in AZ

Asking questions can help reveal more about the contractor and get you the information you need. They are part of the business process, so you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss them. It will give you insight and clarity, leading you to find the best match for your swimming pool project.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted contractor in AZ, try Fair & Square Arizona pool builders. We leverage our years of experience to bring you the most reliable pool services at an affordable price.

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