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As Chandler pool builders AZ we are happy to schedule a time to meet with you outside of office hours if requested.

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    Please choose the budget you want to use for the custom backyard of your dreams.
  • Let me know the details of what you would like done if you have and idea already. Keep in mind, we do not do pool cleaning, maintenance, and basic repairs. Fair & Square Pool Builds focuses on custom pool, spa, backyard, patio, outdoor kitchens, and water fixtures.
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Local Friends, Families, and Neighbors Hire Us

…and the reasons why they choose to do so.

Honest Pricing

Chandler AZ consumers have been making changes in the way they do business, and are no longer feeding the corporate monster. Local, small business, and family owned businesses mean something again. Our honest Chandler pool pricing reflects this change in support and we provide a 20-30% savings over larger Chandler pool builders in the valley.

Great Communication

Bringing back the old-school art of communication, Fair & Square pool builders Chandler AZ provides you a single project manager who will be with you from beginning to end, my cell phone number to call/text, and my face to see on a regular basis. I will bring comfort to your project. No hassles. No wondering. Just good ol’ fashion great communication.

Unmatched Service

By providing only one project manager throughout your pool build, you’ll receive incredible service. No additional salesman, design team, or contractors here at Fair & Square Pool Builds. Also, no additional overhead. We have the same pool warranties and products as larger pool builders, and we add a hard working team to provide you unmatched service!

A Neighborly Way

to Save You Money

Corporate pool companies break their quotes into long confusing explanations of the hundreds of parts, pieces, and materials that go into their pricing. Each item’s cost is marked up making your project THOUSANDS of dollars higher than it needs to be. Add on the commission of the salesperson and you’ll pay 20-30% more for your pool. There is no need to do that. At Fair & Square we break down each build phase and price it fairly, allowing us a modest profit AND you the savings. Seriously, THOUSANDS in savings! Our pricing is lower than the competition’s and is always Fair & Square.

Ol’ Fashioned

Face to Face Communication

A Fair & Square deal starts with a handshake, includes an in-depth conversation, is coupled with good listening, and culminates with regular follow up and follow through. At Fair & Square Pools Builds we bring you midwestern values to Chandler, Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley AZ from beginning to end.

An Unmatched Dedication To

Providing Service

The best way to provide dedicated and unmatched service to our clients is to provide you with one project manager throughout your entire custom pool project. The hands-on service you’ll receive will be timely, communicative, honest, and friendly. Besides your project manager, we will provide a team of talented designers and builders with deep rooted midwestern values, to make sure your vision becomes reality, and your experience is positive.

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