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Arizona Pool Safety Barriers

Essential Pool Safety Barriers in Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide Ensuring the safety of your family and guests around your swimming pool is paramount. In the state of Arizona, pool safety [...]

Swimming Statistics 

Swimming Statistics 2023 The Swimming Pool Industry will reach $1.33 Billion. Over 3,100 professional swimming clubs have over 400,000 members. ● The average 100-meter swim takes 2 minutes which [...]

What Are the 10 Benefits of Swimming?

What Are the 10 Benefits of Swimming? Swimming is often considered the perfect exercise. As an aerobic activity, it offers many benefits without making damaging impacts on your joints. But that’s [...]

What Pool Sizes Are Best for Me?

    You’ve always dreamed of having a pool, and now you’re excited that it’s about to come true. Of course you know that it’s a lot of work, starting with the [...]

Pool Builder Statistics

Pool Builder Statistics 2022-2021 Arizona swimming pool construction is expected to increase faster than other construction in 2022-2023 Cleveland, Ohio has the most public pools per 100,000 [...]